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You are responsible for taking a leap of faith and fearlessly diving into the famous Queenstown canyon and you have two options to choose from. You can either launch yourself off a cliff from 109m high and swing over the Shotover River or play with gravity and experience a terrifying (but amazing) zipline across the canyon. Gravity is a toy. Go out and play!

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Shotover Canyon

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Shotover Canyon Experiences







This is an intense, undie staining, adrenaline stimulation activity achieved by launching yourself from a cliff, 109m over the famous Shotover River.  The uniquely designed system allows you to swing 200m with a 60m vertical freefall down a steep rocky cliff face.  Throw the amazing Shotover Canyon Swing staff into the mix and you’ve got the experience of a lifetime.

Height: 109 Meters

Price: $229

You’re pretty much going to be a guinea pig. It was only built a couple of years ago. A contraption aimed at encouraging a stream of the most profoundly unsavoury foul language of any adventure activity in the land. So far, fingers crossed, it seems to be working OK. New swear words regularly made up on the spot.

Height: 182 Meters

Length: 445 Meters

Price: $169