Five of the most bromantic things to do in Queenstown

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

They don't call Queenstown 'the Paris of the South' for no reason (ok, so maybe only one person has ever said that and that one person may or may not be me). Either way, this little mountain paradise is bursting with special things to do with the love of your life. We even wrote a wee article all about them. But what about those of you fellas that are travelling with your best 'guy' mate/s? You might be wondering if there are enough blokey things for you to get your very manly selves involved in other than the obvious one of going out partying every night and day. Well, I'm here to tell you lads that there is, and what follows is your definitive list of the most bromantic things to do in Queenstown with your significant brother!


Beer and Wine tours

Don't get us wrong, drinks down the pub with your best bud is bloody hard to beat! When you have travelled so far to get here though it's definitely worth spicing things up and taking the bromance to the next level. A day out eating incredible food, sipping on some crafty frothies (beers) and sampling some of the local wines including some delicious pinot brah (pinot noir) and brosé (rosé) is the perfect way to go. The Central Otago is considered one of the top wine producing regions of the new world and a recent explosion of local craft breweries makes the area the perfect place for a dude's taste tour.

Frisbee Golf

If golf is a gentleman's game then frisbee golf is 'for the boys', and that's the way we like it. No frills, no uptight traditions, no green fees, no wuckers (no worries)! Grab yourself a flying disc, a score card (these can be rented from a few of the booking agents/info centers around town and usually cost around $5-$10) and wander on down to the Queenstown Gardens where you will find the course. You are allowed to drink in public around Queenstown most year round with a few exceptions. So if you are going to grab a few cold ones to enjoy while you play, make sure there isn't an alcohol ban on. Also, if you are going to drink while you play then please be mindful of others enjoying the gardens, don't over do it (it's never a good look) and keep the place clean by disposing of your empties in the recycling bins provided. For bonus 'man points' pick up a few extra bits of litter that you might see floating around. In the immortal words of the most manly bloke ever... Captain Planet - "The power is yours!"

Tandem Activities

Nothing says 'I love you, man' more than doing something/anything tandem with your bro! Lucky for you there a few choice activities for you to take part in with each other. Since Queenstown is the birthplace of commercial Bungy jumping then what better place to take the leap than right here. AJ Hackett's original Kawarau bridge site gives you the option to jump tandem from the bridge. Hold one another tightly as you step off the ledge and plumet 43 meters before (hopefully) springing back or try out the newer and extremely high Nevis swing at the Nevis site. The Shotover Canyon Swing can also be done as a tandem if you are looking for the best of both (bungy and swing) worlds. If you are after something a little more relaxed and classically bromantic than why not hire a tandem bike for the day. Cycle Hire (on Earl St) in the Queenstown center rent a tandem that you and your best bicycle buddy can cruise the network of Queenstown trails on. Explore the lake front, take a leisurely spin around the gardens. Guaranteed you will both be much closer after a unique experience like this one.

The Luge

How many of you can remember playing Mario Cart for hours on end with your best mates when you were kids? The excitment, the heartbrake, the friendships ended ("You're not coming to my birthday anymore!") only to make up the next day. Well... lugging is basically real life Mario Cart. So now you can race your mates for realsies with all the aforementioned emotions included! Worth it for the views alone, take the gondola up to the top of the Skyline complex and follow the signs to the luge. It's another short chairlift ride to the top of the racetrack where you can take on your buds in a friendly downhill race. Don't let this activity fool you. It's way more fun than it looks by just observing and these things can gather some real speed. Trust us, it's freaking addictive and you won't want to stop!

P.s. I've got dibs on Bowser!

Highlands Motorsport

And while we are on the subject, if any of you Mavrick's out there "feel the need, the need for speed" then there is only one place for you... Highland's Motorsport! This place is a car lovers wet dream! In their own words "From the high speed Single or Dual Go karts, to the insane adrenaline pumping fast laps in a Ferrari or Porsche GT3, we have thrilling adventures to meet every adrenaline need." Say no more! The karts are like the Luge but taken up to 11 and the fast laps in the super cars are, well... F***ING FAST!!! This place is Disneyland for big boys who still act like little boys (and that's just about all of us).

So there you go you hopeless bromantics! Whatever you are planning for your mate date, hopefully you've found a bit of inspiration in here and like always, flick us a message if you have any specific questions or want to know a little more.

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