Queenstown's Best Bars For Over 30's

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Attiqa, Queenstown

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It's cool... This is a safe place for people like you and I. A 'dab-free zone' where the only respectable form of flossing at 11pm on a Friday is the kind that will make your dentist happy and has nothing to do with busting a move on the dance floor at the local discotheque. So what? You're over 30... me too! That doesn't mean we can't have a night out, does it? A night on the town without feeling like a teacher at a school formal, with our backs to the wall, awkwardly shuffling to music we don't understand and wondering when exactly it was that you no were no longer 'cool' and 'hip', all while the kids boogie on down to some highly inappropriate lyrics that you internally make comment about being absolutely unnecessary. No, we just find cooler places to spend our evenings! Places that accommodate our kind. Places of class, that pride quality over quantity (or both), good music that is just at the right level of being able to dance to as well as hold a conversation. These are the places you want to check out when next visiting Queenstown.

Queenstown is often (and by often I mean maybe one time) refereed to as the Las Vegas of the South. Think bright lights, Casinos, legal street drinking, Stag and hens do's (ie. bachelor and bachelorette parties)... and then just dial back your expectations by a lot! In all seriousness though, Queenstown's nightlife is a draw card for many a traveller who may have spent the last week or two travelling the remote South Island and is looking for somewhere to drink and socialise that isn't a country pub and that doesn't close at 10pm on a Saturday night. There's plenty of great nightlife options on offer. From backpacker bars, trendy pubs, craft breweries, cocktail bars and plenty more. Queenstown is stacked with great spots to head to for an epic night out. Now with your wild 20's in your rear-view there are probably certain bars and scenes that no longer constitute a great night out. Let's dive in a take a look at the eight best bars in Queenstown for the over 30's crowd that'll give you a great night out without the messiness of the rowdy backpacker scene.

1. Habana

A little taste of Cuba right in the heart of Queenstown. This cheeky rum bar is the perfect spot for a cocktail made with your favourite pirate juice. It's tucked away down one of Queenstown's little lane ways and offers the perfect spot to hang out, drink great drinks and dance up at storm with live music on offer certain nights of the week. It's the area's only boutique rum bar with over 70 rums on offer and if rum's not to your taste there are plenty of other beer, wine and spirit options available. If you are looking to nab a table then make sure to get in earlier (about 8pm) as the bar is quite intimate and fills up fast as the night goes on.

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2. Little Blackwood

Welcome to the little bar that could. Located on the pier in downtown Queenstown, Little Blackwood is the perfect spot to hang regardless the time of day or year. This trendy little spot has an extensive cocktail menu, local wine selection and great beers on offer. Settle in for the afternoon of drinks and sample one of their awesome cheese boards or have a wee jig to the regular live music they have on offer.

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3. Barmuda

Definitely a great option for those of us who are over the hill, ...I mean, 30 but still want to hang like it's 2007. With awesome inside/outside flow and a big ol' wood burning fireplace, Barmuda is the perfect spot to catch up with mates for a drink or cut loose to some fresh DJ sets from some of the local spinners later in the eve.

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4. Smith's Craft Beer Bar

Who doesn't love a good crafty? Well, if you don't then steer clear of this spot... but if you do then you will be in absolute frothin' heaven! Elevated from street level, this awesome bar is the go-to spot in Queenstown for the largest range of craft beers. With an ever rotating range of guest beers on tap, you'll no doubt be able to drink different beers all night long without even coming close to ticking them all off.

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5. Attiqa

Stepping inside Attiqa you might be reminded of a trendy inner-city bar, more in line with what you would find in Wellington or Auckland. There's is an air of lively sophistication that's only found in a handful of other spots in the area. The bar focuses on great food with a menu of sharing and tapas style dishes.

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6. Red's Bar

Similar to Attiqa, Red's Bar is somewhere you'd expect to find yourself in a trendy city more than a small mountain town. The stylish and sophisticated decor offers a rare Queenstown social venue where you wouldn't feel out of place getting a little fancy and dressing up.

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7. Bardeaux

Getting a little busy in Habana and looking for the next spot to hit or just wanting somewhere to chill in the arvo from some quiet/sophisticated drinks? Slink on over the alley from the rum bar and you'll find another wee spot with one of the biggest drinks menus in the region. Stacked with loads of whisky, wine, beer and spirits, Bardeaux is a dark and chilled out bar where you can escape the hustle and bustle of Queenstown, until word gets out and it picks up later in the evening like most spots in town. Definitely one to add to your list for a romantic drink in the afternoon after a day on the slopes.

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8. Blue Door

The Blue Door in Arrowtown is hard out one of the coolest bars in the region. Situated below the cute Dorothy Brown's cinema, the Blue Door is easily recognisable by (you guessed it...) its blue door. The bar is tiny and intimate and on a Wednesday night you'd be hard pressed to find a more boppin' venue in the Wakatipu Basin. An open mic night music night has some of the best singers and songwriters (local and visiting) jamming out to the delight of the bars patrons. The old stone venue makes for a dark yet warm and inviting place for a relaxed drink during quieter times or the perfect spot to bust some moves during the busier ones.

How to get here? Click here for location and directions in Google Maps.

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