The best places to get your yoga fix in Queenstown

Most folks will know Queenstown as either the 'Adventure capital of New Zealand' or the top destination to visit if you want to party, however it's not just extreme activities and wild nights on offer in this little mountain town! Health and wellness has flowed into Queenstown in a big way over the last few years. In this article we are going to give you some insight on where to go for some flexi, stretchy and bendy time, with the best places to get your yoga fix in Queenstown.


Where to yoga in Queenstown

From scenic studios to mind blowing retreats to free classes, the Queenstown yoga scene has you covered. It doesn't matter if you are a spiritual guru, a D.I.Y.Y. (Do It Yourself Yogi) or a sweat seeker, there are a number of incredible spaces for you to get your practice on in one of the most beautiful towns in the world.


Studio Sangha/ Hot Bikram Yoga
Studio Sangha

1. Studio Sangha

Hidden on the outskirts of town you have this absolute gem of a studio. Don't let the out of the way location fool you, this place is popular... and for good reason! Studio Sangha offers a wide variety of styles and full timetable that will allow you get your fix almost all day everyday. It's also Queenstown's only hot/bikram studio, so if you are looking to get a sweat on then make sure you check this place out.

*Cheeky locals tip: Float on down to Searchlight Brewery (a 2 min walk down the road) for craft brews and great food after your practice to undo all the good work you have done... in the best way possible. I mean why not? You've earned it!

How to get there? Click here for location and directions in Google Maps.

Nadi Wellness, Queenstown
Nadi Wellness

2. Nadi Wellness

With two locations (Queenstown centre and Remarkable's Park) Nadi boasts the biggest range of classes available in Queenstown. If you are looking for views that will knock ya socks off (not that you'd be wearing any... because that would just be weird!) then these two studios are exactly what you are after. With huge scenes over town, out towards the lake and surrounding peaks from the QT center location, you will be hard pressed to find a more scenic studio...anywhere! Not to be out done though, the studio at Remarkable's Park is located directly under the incredibly remarkable Remarkables (who would have thought)! Making it hard not to turn your downward dog into an upward facing dog just to take in those sweet sweet mountain vistas.

How to get there? Click here for location and directions in Google Maps.

Sherwood Yoga Studio
Sherwood Yoga Studio

3. Sherwood

Queenstown's own version of a Swiss Army Knife, Sherwood literally does it all! From it's environmentally focused origins and built on the idea of nurturing community, it makes total sense that this place also has its own yoga studio. Although it doesn't hold practice as regularly as the previously mentioned locations, what it lacks in classes it sure makes up for in cool intimate vibes that will have you finding your center faster than you can say "pranayama in shavasana".

*Another wee tip: Make sure you check out the cafe/restaurant after you have finished your class. Delicious food, treats and drinks can all be found and enjoyed in Sherwood's beautifully calm setting.

How to get there? Click here for location and directions in Google Maps.

Yoga Retreat

Aro Hā Wellness Retreat
Aro Hā

Aro Hā

Aro Hā is a self-described "next-level wellness experience, offering life shifting, body morphing, spirit lifting retreats" and by golly it sure is! If you are after more than just a single session and want to take your practice to 11 in THE most stunning location your mind could ever imagine, then this is the place to do just that! With a regular schedule of retreats that range from six to eight day long experiences and not only focus on yoga but also, hiking, cooking, massage and overall wellness this is definitely the ultimate way to indulge and treat yourself in Queenstown.

Free Yoga / DIY locations

Queenstown Free Yoga Love
Queenstown Free Yoga Love

Free yoga

Free stuff... who doesn't love it?! Whether you are travelling on a budget or just strapped of cash but still want to get out and join some fellow yogis to salute that big golden orb in the sky, then there is hope for you yet! Lululemon offer free classes at 8:30am on Sundays in-store in Queenstown (*check the Lululemon New Zealand Facebook page for updates). On the topic of Facebook, there is a page called Queenstown Free Yoga Love that hold and run a number of sessions throughout the week (*again, check their FB page for regular updates). QFYL's mission (if you choose to accept it...) is to "share the gift of yoga, empower people and, to promote wellbeing through the connection with ourselves and each other."Which I think is just bloody marvelous! So do yourself a favour and get involved in some free yoga and you may just make some new friends along the way!

The Basket Of Dreams, Queenstown Hill
The Basket Of Dreams, Queenstown Hill


Sometimes you may just want to go it alone, like the renegade yoga warrior you are. If you are bold enough to bust out some poses on your own in public, then you'll want to make sure you have the backdrop to match. Here are a few suggestions, but to be honest, Queenstown is stunning pretty much wherever you are so you won't be hard pressed to find somewhere suitable.

1. The Queenstown Gardens - Peaceful, shaded and covered with some beautiful nature. Get yourself a wee spot (preferably away from the Frisbee golf course and not on the bowling green please) and find your inner-peace.

2. Jetty Yoga - Following the Queenstown trail (away from town) out of the gardens you will wander past a number of jetty's jutting out into Lake Wakatipu. Almost any of these, with the water lapping right next to you will make a great spot for an impromptu practice. Just make sure to bring a decent mat with you as the timber may not be the most comfortable to pose on.

3. Queenstown Hill/basket of dreams - If you've looked up Queenstown on Instagram then you will have undoubtedly come across this spot before. A short but steep(ish) hike up will get your heart going but once you reach the basket, the effort is well rewarded with some truly incredible views of Lake Wakatipu, the Remarkables and Cecil Peak to name a few. Taking some time out at the top will give you a chance to catch your breath and center yourself before descending back down and into the hustle and bustle of Queenstown life.


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