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Things to do in Queenstown on your honeymoon

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

Credit: @theglampingpartycompany // Instagram

Queenstown is fast setting itself up as a draw card for all sorts of travelers not just the adrenaline seeking kind. Many folks are now heading this way shortly after saying "I do!". There are plenty of romantic and exciting (not that kind of exciting...) ways to enjoy your trip with the love of your life as there is no shortage of things to do in Queenstown on your honeymoon!

Try a couples spa treatment, get lost in incredible landscapes or take your relationship to new heights and then jump from those heights! Queenstown has you covered for an incredible honeymoon getaway.

Nugget Point Spa

Spa treatment

There is no better way to wash away the stress of organising your big day than to chill out and pamper yourself! It's even better when the views are 'out of this world' incredible! Queenstown has a bunch of awesome spa experiences on offer, however if you are after some romantic time with your partner then we suggest checking out Nugget Point Spa as unlike some of the other locations in Queenstown, saunas, steam rooms and spas can all be shared by both men and women.

Tip: The couple's massage will have you floating for days after.

Kawarau Bungy, AJ Hackett
Credit: @katos1110 // Instagram

Tandem Thrills

Just because you are married and on your honeymoon doesn't mean that everything needs to be candle lit dinners and bathing in rose petals. What better way to physically represent the huge leap you just took with your partner than to literally tie yourself to them and step off the edge of a perfectly good bridge. Or if that isn't gnarly enough for you, hang upside down and feel your stomach almost eject itself from your body as you swing 100's of meters above a rugged canyon. If this sounds like something you and your partner would be into then A.J. Hackett has you covered.

Private Wine Tour

Nothing says romance like linking arms with your one true love whilst you sip delicious wine and gaze lovingly into their eyes... actually, it doesn't need to be this cheesy (or it can be if that's what you are into)! A day or half day customisable private wine tour is one of the best ways to experience the world-class wines that the region produces whilst exploring some of the most picturesque landscapes around Queenstown.


Romantic Dinner

It may seem cliché however, if it ain't broke... Queenstown has no shortage of great eateries and some are perfect for that extra special night out. For a true intimate experience we recommend The Bunker and Rātā or for something with a little different 'flavour', Sherwood and Blu Kanu both offer amazing atmosphere and food.

Hiking Queenstown Hill
Queenstown Hill Trail


Hiking is the perfect way to escape the crowds and spend some quality time in nature with your partner. Although a number of hikes can be rather busy during certain times of the year it is still easy to find some more challenging ones that you are likely to have all to yourself. Also what better test of your marriage than to tackle a true adventure together.

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